Using the Power of Gratitude to Manifest Your Dreams

Gratitude is a critical step in the process of dream manifestation. Expressing gratitude each day—for what we have in our lives at this very moment—can change our vibrational energy and what we attract into our lives. Using gratitude wisely alters every choice we make. Particularly in times of illness, anger, sadness, or loneliness, gratitude gives us a way to make an immediate shift in our mood and ultimately, our energetic vibrational level. Gratitude brings us back to our center, restoring our personal power.

Practices of expressing gratitude, such as keeping a daily gratitude journal, have been shown to create more alertness, hope, enthusiasm, attentiveness and energy in the people who developed regular routines to express gratitude. In a 2003 study done by Drs. Emmons and McCullough, they found that study participants who kept a weekly gratitude journal felt better about their lives as a whole, reported fewer physical complaints, and exercised more.

Begin using the power of gratitude to transform your life and manifest your dreams by establishing a regular practice of expressing gratitude. The following are steps that you can take to begin your own practice of incorporating gratitude into your daily life. Research in behavior change suggests that it takes 25-30 days to establish a new behavior. So select one or two of these steps and give them a shot for 30 days.

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal. If you’re not in the practice of keeping a journal, this is a wonderful way to start. Begin and/or end each day by writing down at least 5 things that you are grateful for that day. It can be as simple as “I’m so grateful that I have legs to stand on” or if it’s been a particularly challenging day, you may write “I’m so grateful that this day is over!” If you already keep a journal, complete each entry with your list of gratitudes for the day.
  • Express gratitude for the most basic aspects of your life as you go through the day. For example, as you shower or bathe in the morning, feel grateful for the water and soap you have for bathing. Express gratitude for your sight and your legs that carry you through the day. Saying grace before each meal is a wonderful way to express your gratitude.
  • Be generous with your expressions of gratitude to others. Meister Eckhart, a 13th century philosopher said, “The most important prayer in the world is just two words: THANK YOU.” Take the time to say thank you throughout the day, especially to the slow grocery store clerk or the bored bank teller or the rude sales person. Simple expressions of thanks will reward you many times over and can shift the energy of the person receiving your gratitude.
  • Acknowledge and express gratitude for the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Become conscious of nature as you go about your day, taking a moment to look at the sky, flowers, trees, etc. Feel grateful for each element that you notice.
  • Develop a switch in your mind that shifts negative thoughts to ones of gratitude. The moment you catch yourself spiraling down with a negative or fearful thought, train your mind to flip the switch to thoughts of gratitude and appreciation. You control your thoughts and you can change them at will.

At times you may find it difficult to feel grateful, especially if you have suffered the lose of a loved one. The good news is, you do not have to feel gratitude in order to express it. Because the very act of expression will result in a vibrational shift within you that opens your heart to new possibilities. Give it a try!

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Suzy Spivey is the author of “The 30-day Gratitude Journal”. She is also a Certified Dream Coach™, Inspirational Speaker, and TV Host & Producer. Click here to purchase copies of the “The 30-day Gratitude Journal.”

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