What’s holding you back?

We all encounter blocks, limiting beliefs and fears from time to time that hold us back and prevent us from moving forward in the direction of our dreams, goals and passions.  Often they sneak up just as we are ready to take the next step forward.  At the very moment that we are ready to plunge ahead, we are suddenly stopped—sometimes frozen by an unseen wall or gripped by fear of failing or succeeding or not getting it right.  And they may appear subtly—a sudden urge to shift what we are doing to something that seems more important or urgent, a whisper to fulfill a craving, a need to accomplish an easier, more mundane task.  Sound familiar?

“Cancel, cancel” – Why it might not work

These slippery gremlins operate beneath the surface, pulling our strings and manipulating our actions.  They are rarely hindered by our proclamations of “cancel, cancel” or “stop that now”!  They are part of our programming, woven into our life story.  As characters in our story, they too want to be heard, seen and acknowledged.   All of our limitations, fears, and blocks were embodied at some point in our lives to protect us, to keep us safe.  It may have come from a traumatic event in our life.  It may have come from a parent reprimanding us or admonishing us for doing something they viewed as dangerous.  Or it may have come from a rejection that confronted our deep longing inside to be loved. 

What works

In order to manage these gremlins, we must first become aware of them—include them on our story and bring them to life.  See them for what they really are rather than what we often project them to be—giant obstacles that create impassable barriers or scary, looming monsters that have the ability to destroy us.  As you minimize the size of the projection, you are able to see them and acknowledge them for having served you at some point in your life.  Just as a two-year old wreaks havoc when not getting the attention she or he craves, our limiting beliefs and fears do the same internally.   Bringing awareness and acceptance to what holds us back is the first step in taking back control of our lives.  Overcoming what holds us back involves seeing that we are bigger than our limitations and fears, embodying at a cellular level new beliefs that rewrite the code for the ones that hold us back, accepting that we are whole, resourceful and perfect just as we are. 

Ignite Your Dreams with Motion

Finding ways to move these concepts into the body brings our awareness and acceptance to a whole new dimension.  Using a powerful and evocative movement process called JourneyDance™, I guide people through a visual journey of their limitations and fears, allowing each of them to be expressed through movement and then re-creating them in ways that will serve.  As we move through this process, we are able to bring our energetic bodies into better alignment with our dreams on a deeper, cellular level.   We are no longer controlled by our limitations and able to shift our energy more easily to support us in moving forward. 

Your Turn

The next time you encounter one of your gremlins, take a few minutes to name it, write about it or draw it.  Allow the gremlin to speak.  Then put on some soul-inspiring music and allow your body to express what you are feeling and what your gremlin is saying.  Our feelings and emotions are simply energy and allowing that energy to be expressed and flow through us creates space for us to refocus our energy on what is most important to us and what brings us joy.  Give it a try!   

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Suzy Spivey is in the business of creating dreams.  Her coaching, speaking, workshops and TV show focus on inspiring people to believe in their dreams and helping them create those dreams one step at a time.  If you are in transition, feel stuck, or looking for more meaning in life, contact Suzy for help in making the shift to move you forward. 

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