My Gratitude Package Gift to You

Gratitude: Your Secret & Powerful Success Tool! audio recording AND 30 Day Gratitude JournalThe Power of Gratitude 30 Day Journal

Use the “Power of Gratitude” to manifest your dreams and attract more abundance in your life!

The Gratitude Package contains a one-hour audio recording of Gratitude: Your Secret & Powerful Success Tool!, which offers 10 specific steps on how you can incorporate gratitude into your life to fuel your success AND The Power of Gratitude 30-Day Journal to help you establish a daily practice of gratitude.

Download your audio recording now! (6.8MB)

Download your journal now! (372KB)

After listening to the recording, begin using this accessible 30-day Gratitude Journal as an easy way to incorporate a daily practice of gratitude into your life.  An introduction sets the stage for why and how to use gratitude to manifest your dreams. A practical framework—based on four dimensions of health—is used to facilitate the gratitude process and help you take steps toward creating balance in your life.

Research in behavior modification confirms that it takes 25 – 30 days for a new behavior to become ingrained. Using this 30-day journal will help you develop your daily practice and solidify your “attitude of gratitude.”

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