Excavate Your Brilliance Toolkit

The Excavate Your Brilliance Toolkit will open the doorway to access all parts of yourself and begin the exploration of what lies within.  The Toolkit includes:

  • A guided visualization that takes you on a journey within.  The journey follows a 5 step blueprint for transformation.  Each step serves as a tool with which to excavate and polish every facet of your brilliance allowing the prisms of light to burst forth.
  • Reflection exercises and practices to help clarify and reflect what has been hidden inside so that your brilliance may sparkle to its full luster!

Click on the links below to download:

Excavate Your Brilliance Guided Visualization_2

Excavate Your Brilliance TOOLKIT_workbook

After listening to the guided visualization, take the time to reflect on the information you received by answering the reflection questions in the workbook and completing the reflection practices.

You can listen to the visualization again and again to further explore and excavate the precious gems you have inside and understand how all of the events in your life have led you to where you are right now.  This is the perfect place to START!

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